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Pablo Cominetti (Redactor), Magdalena De Soto (Directora de Cuentas), Carlos Muller (Director General Creativo), Patricio Del Sante (Director General Creativo), Hugo Olivares (Productor General), Catalina Pimentel (Digital), Agustin Speroni (Director de Arte).

10:10 betting on creativity for the past 2 years

17 November, 2014

Two years ago in Chile an agency was born without any clients or fees, just projects. Today, 10:10 is still on the same path, keeping that structure and generating idea to export around the globe. In the following interview with LatinSpots, the founding associates, Carlos Müller and Pato del Sante, strike a balance these beginning years where the business is not the main focus, but creativity is. “We always think on developing a product, and later on the communication, and going trough production to reach the people, with a final product created entirely, from start to end by 10:10″, they state. In the following document, their words.

LatinSpots (ls): – What balance has 10:10 reached in these past 2 years?

 Carlos Müller (cm): – A positive one. We are on the brink of turning 2 years with a office structure that many told us: “Your crazy, theres no possible way you can manage that in the Chilean market”. A creative agency, with no clients, nor fees. Sounds crazy, but at the end of the day, its the only way to guarantee creative quality for our projects, and not stumble into the service oriented agency, with a grueling day to day focused on just delivering originals like crazy. Its not easy, but here we are. With beautiful projects, for awesome brands and with the liberty to do them with time and dedication.

Pato Del Sante (pds): – When we started the office, we promised ourselves to create a place that would inspire more people to work with us, a place where the business was secondary, and creativity would reign. We promised ourselves not to have fees, to be the first agency / producers of Chile and break the common placed habit of importing ideas from outside, we want to be the first to be the ones to export creativity from Chile to the world and in these 2 recent years, slowly, we are accomplishing that.

Ls: – How would you define the agency’s work philosophy?

 Pds: – We are a very young agency, imagine that everyone in here is below 32, and that also contributes to us not feeling like we are a traditional agency, we always speak of ourselves like a gang that just wants to do things right. And we work on that so that its also reflect to people on the outside. We don’t believe in philosophies and stuff like that much, we believe that our work is the only thing that will speak on our behalf.

Cm: – We are a group of young people who really don’t like advertising. We turn on the TV and we don’t like what we see. We walk on the streets and we don’t like the billboards. We watch videos on YouTube and were greeted with pre-rolls that we dismiss. Thats our starting point. How to think in advertising like the “common folk” instead of an ad-man. Out with the vices and egos, the stale resources and prizes. Lets go back to thinking in ideas that will make people like the brands we work for. Period.

Ls: any particual work you’d like to hightoight?

 Cm: – The Creamfields campaign we recently launched for Entel. Couple of months back we won the pitch for the digital campaigns for Creamfields and Mysteryland with Entel. Its our first incursion and an agency and producers. We did the creative direction, the production and the audiovisual direction. Its been long since we’ve wanted to do something like that, and we are very pleased with end result. Its quite something being able to manage the creative process to the set, to the editing, to post.

Ls: – what challenges lie ahead for 10:10?

 Cm: – Soon: export creativity from Chile to the world. In the future: not depend on brands to develop our ideas.

Pds: – Were about to fulfill the first and we hope to continue exporting idea and projects abroad. Since we started working in advertising, we always think on developing a product, and later on the communication, and going trough production to reach the people, with a final product created entirely, from start to end by 10:10.

Ls: – In what way does the chilean advertising industry help the development of newly formed agencies in the country?

 Cm: – I think that there are many newly formed agencies, and we’re probably in the era of “new agencies” world wide. But it boils down to what kind of agency do you want to have. Do you want a digital agency , manage social networks and grow? Chile may be ideal for that. Its a market focused on the volume of things. The ones that do well are those who do allot and very fast. We honestly dont care much for the local advertising industry. We just want to do new things for brands that want to do just that.

Pds: – The problem with the chilean advertising industry. Is that it doesn’t exist. Everyone fends for themselves, theres no cycle and few to reference from. We’re not interested in a advertising industry only focused on winning prizes.

Ls: – Anything else you’d like to add?

Cm: – If your in charge of a brand and your not surprised by your agency, or if your a creative and your also not surprised by your agency, talk to us at hola@diezdiez.com


Picture: Pablo Cominetti (copywriter), Magdalena De Soto (account executive), Carlos Müller (general creative director) Patricio Del Sante (general creative director), Hugo Olivares (production manager), Catalina Pimemtel (digital) Agustin Speroni (art director)


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