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“10:10 . Brands must want to innovate”

20 March, 2013

Carlos Muller and Patricio del Sante is the multi awarded creative Chilean duo behind the agency 10:10, which has been working for a year and recently introduced the campaign The Piano Dining Table for Super Pollo.

We talked with Pato and Mula about this new challenge, their experience working in Argentina and the plans they have for 10:10.

The agency 10:10 started in Argentina and then they started working in projects in Chile. First with the launch of Andres Velasco campaign, that aired a few months ago and then Agrosuper, when they developed the Piano Dining Table.

Non the less, before working with their national clients, 10:10 had already signed with their first client in Argentina.

A spanish men imported corn from Spain and he asked us to help him creating the brand and distribute it. It was the first time that we came close to the full development of a product, which involves creating a brand, packaging, the communication, etc.

Both agree in that making products is something they would like to get their hands on again, from the elaboration to the advertising and this way getting the full 360 of the campaign.

We believe that in the development of products you find the true way of innovation, here is when the idea can be a 100% good. When the product is good, when the pack is good and the communication is good, we reach coherence, which is the virtue that many companies don’t have today.

1010 y el mercado nacional

The duo Pato and Mula was awarded for their work Teletransporter of Cerveza Andes in Argentina, when they worked in Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi. This is why they have an outside vision of what is happening with brands in Chile.

In Argentina are remarkable agencies, but not all of them, the truth is that the average is higher. What is really different is what happens between brands and clients, there, everyone vibrate with advertising, from the general manager to the guy that cleans the elevators, what makes brands be aware of what is going on and that’s why the dare to ask for more. Here brands are very conservative, it’s part of our Chilean identity.

That is why 10:10 looks forward on working with clients that want to do different things, that want to experiment and make their business grow. The most important thing today, they tell us, is a good will from brands, because they should be the ones hungry to evolve.

About the experience of working in Argentina, the duo says that they worked in three very different agencies. For them, Del Campo was the  most competitive from the inside, which made them always be working on full throttle.     

They also worked in BBDO, where they interacted with big clients and make a lot of television. Also in the agency Madre, where they learned a new work model.

They are 40 people sitting on the same table and the exigencies are really high, not only for the ideas, but getting strategically to different places.

Both of them assure that everything they have learned will be put in practice in 10:10, but they want to keep learning. Because they don’t want to stay still, but grow on a different way.

In 10:10 we believe in the making and development of ideas, for Chile as for any other country or market in the world, we are working for clients in Chile and Argentina and soon we’ll see some new interesting projects in other places, we firmly believe that good ideas are good in Talca, Paris or London.